Amusing Representation of Bad Worths – A Review of the Adventures of Captain Underpants, by Dav Pilkey


George Beard as well as Harold Hutchins, the major personalities of The Adventures of Captain Cam’s Underpants, are pranksters of the very first order. In this installation of Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants collection, George and Harold draw a shocking collection of tricks at their elementary school football video game. However, unbeknown to them their mean primary Mr. Krupp has actually captured every one of their antics on video as well as he continues to make use of the tape to blackmail them into acting well in institution and also offering his every impulse.


After a few days of following Mr. Krupp’s policies, the children keep in mind a comic-book advertisement for a “3-D Hypno-Ring” that will certainly allow them to hypnotize Mr. Krupp as well as lay hands on the incriminating video. George as well as Harold follow through with their strategy, and at the same time have some fun with Mr. Krupp, making him think he is Captain Underpants– George and Harold’s favorite superhero in their homemade comic books– while he is under their hypnotic spell. Ridiculous high jinks ensue.

This publication has significant subjective allure: youngsters will certainly enjoy it (my own do …). The chief thing that makes it enticing is humor. For example, Pilkey’s figure of speech itself is commonly humorous. In the initial phase he describes George and Harold as youngsters who were “normally responsible … Whenever anything negative happened, George as well as Harold were normally responsible.” Youngsters will certainly likewise think the superb nature as well as range of the children’ pranks is amusing. For instance, they placed black pepper in the supporters’ pom-poms triggering the supporters to sneeze uncontrollably, they put bubble bathroom in the marching band’s horns so the band’s playing just winds up blowing bubbles, as well as they replace the football group’s muscle rub cream with “Mr. Prankster’s Extra-Scratchy Itchiness Cream.” And obviously the potty-humor style throughout guide appeals to a youngster’s (apparently all-natural, if my youngsters are any type of sign) proclivity for all things potty’ish.

Despite being genuinely amusing, I offer this book a low rating considering that it is woefully thin on developmental value. Without a doubt, my concern is that it will actually detract from a kid’s advancement in character. The primary mistake of guide, as I see it, is that it casts the extremely doubtful values of George as well as Harold in a positive light. As an example, in phase 2 George and also Harold creep into the college office as well as make a number of hundred duplicates of their Captain Underpants comics, which they continue to sell at a profit on the playground. Moreover, in chapter 12 when the hypnotized Mr. Krupp dashes off to fight criminal activity as Captain Underpants, the reason the boys follow and also attempt to quit him is that they can get in big trouble if they don’t. And also naturally they steal the video evidence of their turbulent tricks from Mr. Krupp’s workplace. By blending the kids’ self-seeking mindsets as well as acts of burglary with humor, Pilkey cultivates authorization of their mindsets and also deeds, which, in my sight, is damaging to a kid’s personality growth.

Likewise fretting is that every adult-child relationship portrayed in this publication is adversarial: the premise of guide is a recurring fight between the children as well as Mr. Krupp. Certainly, this type of adversarial relationship in between adults and also kids is the underlying engine of the whole Captain Underpants series. Now, while there are mean adults in the world (exhibited by Mr. Krupp), and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with depicting them in youngsters’s literature, without parallel examples of favorable adult-child partnerships the bad connections represented only strengthen the divide between adults and kids. In my view, Roald Dahl’s Matilda is a better (though perhaps still not ideal) model of exactly how bad adult-child connections need to be dealt with in youngsters’s literature.

Lastly, it is most likely that many moms and dads will certainly additionally not appreciate the thoroughgoing use of potty wit in the book. While this factor is unquestionably much more a matter of taste compared to of a clear failing in worths, I am of the sight that children require no encouragement towards potty humor. They find their own way there usually enough …

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